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Meet Oistre


Made by upcycling plastic waste, Oistre is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) built for performance and sustainability.

TPU is a melt-processable thermoplastic elastomer with high durability, flexibility, and outstanding abrasion resistance.

Oistre was created by world-class chemists at Novoloop as a solution to plastic pollution and climate change. It was named after the humble oyster – one of nature’s star waste upcyclers.

Bring your products to the next level with Oistre


up to 46% smaller CO2-eq footprint than fossil fuel-derived TPU


up to 50% upcycled content from post-consumer plastic waste

High Performance

outstanding wear resistance along with tunable flexibility and haptics

Easy to Adopt

formulated to meet your process requirements


can be melt-reprocessed

Step 1

Source plastic waste

About Polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene is the most common plastic today. You know it as trash bags, bubble wrap, shampoo containers, sandwich bags, parcel mailers, and more. It exists as HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE.

In 2020, the world produced more than 100 million metric tons of polyethylene, the equivalent weight of 19 Great Pyramids! But sadly, only 5-10% of polyethylene was recycled.

Starting MAterial for oistre

When you throw away polyethylene, it eventually ends up in the city waste stream and gets sorted at a material recovery facility.

Novoloop works with material recovery facilities to source polyethylene waste, the starting material for Oistre. Novoloop pays for the waste, generating an incentive to keep waste out of landfills, incinerators, or worse, oceans.

Step 2

Apply ATOD to break down polyethylene waste...

...150,000x faster than nature into molecular building blocks

Step 3


These building blocks are combined with other ingredients to create Oistre, formulated to meet the processing and performance needs of many applications.


Step 4

Make products with Oistre

Oistre TPU is a sustainable high-performance solution for applications in footwear, automotive, electronics, textiles, apparel, construction, and more.

Innovating with Bemis

Novoloop is teaming up with Bemis to create the next generation of sustainable bonding solutions enabled by Oistre.

“Novoloop’s technology is a major breakthrough for our supply chain. Scaling it will be a huge step in shifting away from virgin petroleum sources and reducing our products’ carbon footprints.”

Ben Howard, Director of Sustainability

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